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  1. Lower Broadway: Empty the Tip Jar and Start Investing


    February 7, 2014 by Kate Dore

    Photo credit: Westervin Lower Broadway or “Lower Broad” is Nashville’s popular entertainment district showcasing some of the city’s most talented …
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  2. MyRA: What Do We Know and Will it Help?

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    January 31, 2014 by Kate Dore

    I went to a State of the Union watch party on Tuesday night at a cozy pub in the center …
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  3. What’s your financial freedom number?


    January 20, 2014 by Kate Dore

    In a couple short months, I’ll be turning thirty. Even though I started saving for retirement when I was eighteen, …
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  4. Have you had “the talk” with your parents?


    January 15, 2014 by Kate Dore

    If we hadn’t celebrated at an Italian restaurant in my neighborhood this past fall, it would have been hard for …
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  5. No 401(k)? No problem!


    January 6, 2014 by Kate Dore

    Despite the variety of benefits and perks that my day job provides, they do not offer a 401(k) plan. And …
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  6. 2014 Goals


    December 31, 2013 by Kate Dore

    This time last year, during my annual holiday break from work, I became deeply enamored by the world of personal …
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