2014 Goals


1. Max out Roth IRA ($5,500) in Q1 complete!
2. Save $1,000 per month in taxable Vanguard account
3. Maintain $10,000 $4,964.87 emergency fund
4. Reach $100,000 net worth increased to $110,000 net worth goal!
5. No speeding or parking tickets!

Cashville Skyline

1. Post 3 times per week
2. Maintain social media on a daily basis
3. Develop readership who are not related to or dating me complete!


1. Complete Hubspot Inbound Marketing certification
2. Complete Google Adwords certification
3. Complete Google Analytics certification
4. Establish proficiency with Hootsuite in progress!
5. Learn basic HTML & CSS in progress!
6. Take a photography class
7. Further develop Adobe Photoshop skills through Lynda, YouTube, etc.
8. Join Toastmasters


1. Fix cracks in ceiling in Q1
2. Create a comfortable backyard space
3. Grow fruits & vegetables in Q2 & Q3


1. Travel to Iceland
2. Attend a music festival
3. Practice music at least three times per week
4. Exercise at least three times per week




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