When To Take the Next Step With Your Blog


February 11, 2014 by Kate Dore


You may recall from my first ever blog post that furthering my digital marketing skills is not only one of my main goals for 2014, but also one of the primary reasons that I started Cashville Skyline.

Starting a blog was incredibly inexpensive and easy. I purchased the domain name for $10.87, paid a $13.00 WordPress fee, picked a free theme and—voilà!—I was off to the races. It was difficult, but I tried not to spend too much time tweaking the theme, so I could focus on the content, though I did spend some time designing my logo.

In addition to the hours I’ve spent writing and editing every week, I’ve been learning to code, became certified via Hootsuite, been managing my Cashville Skyline social media strategy, adding to my graphic design skill set, and more. My next goals are to get certified via Google Adwords and Google Analytics (note: these are both free!) After that, I want to learn search engine optimization.

While hosting my site on is cheap, there are several disadvantages that are significantly holding me back:

  • I can’t edit any of the code.
  • I can’t add custom plugins to my site.
  • My storage space is limited to 3GB unless I pay more.
  • I can’t use Google Analytics.
  • I can’t run ads on my site. In fact, I would have to pay $30 per
    year to remove WordPress’ ads.

So, it appears that my next step is to switch to, and find another company to handle the hosting. Any suggestions? I have no systems administration knowledge, so the maintenance needs to stay low key. Also, I’d prefer to handle the switch myself.

While making these changes only six weeks in may feel a bit premature, I’m concerned that waiting will only delay the progress of my short term goals.

Readers: How did you know when to take the next step with your blog? What were your short term goals?


8 thoughts on “When To Take the Next Step With Your Blog

  1. Having gone with GoDaddy and BlueHost over the past 7 years of blogging.. wait.. maybe 8 now.. I have settled on MDD Hosting for 3 reasons:

    1. They’re SUPER responsive (and nice.. very accommodating). You email them and they email back within an hour.. at almost any time of the day. I’ve tested this quite extensively with my panic attacks.

    2. They are very helpful. They will even do things for you that is not in their job description like check to see what you effed up on when you moved your theme or updated something and broke the code.

    3. They’re fairly cheap, even compared to the “big guys”… and they don’t crash as often as BlueHost or GoDaddy. I was so fed up with those two hosts near the end that I was tearing my hair out whenever I saw my blog go down because of some BS or server overload.

    With MDD hosting, even if it does go down (very rarely), it doesn’t stay down for a long time (hours to days) like with Bluehost, and they even offer to move you to another server so that you get more space / speed if need be.

    This is my referral link if you do decide to go with them.

    If you’re already paying money for WordPress, you might as well go the whole hog, pay a little more and self-host so you can do more with your blog.

  2. I used BlueHost from the start and I’m very happy with them. I’ve had to call a few times with questions and the customer service has always been great. I think Ryan at Impersonal Finance just went through the same transition you are considering. He might have some good insight. Good luck!

  3. Mel says:

    I’ve been using HostGator with GoDaddy and haven’t had any issues. Honestly, I was so overwhelmed by switching over from to, that I was glad to have someone help me. I found some dude from Malaysia on Fiverr and he set the entire thing up for me for $5. It was awesome.

  4. It can be hard knowing when to take that next step. I don’t have nearly all the skills you do, and I didn’t pay for a theme for my website until I had been blogging for a couple months and knew I was going to keep doing it. I know eventually I will put more money into the site, but I want to have at least a little bit coming back from it. I use iPage, and honestly haven’t had any issues. Their customer service is really good, their website is easy to use, and I don’t think I’ll change anytime soon. Plus they offer some good deals for adwords and facebook. Of course, I’m in the minority when it comes to my host. Best of luck!

    • Addison Cash says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience, Ryan. I’m still in the research phase, but I definitely want to get the hosting moved sooner than later. The lack of Google Analytics is driving me crazy! I really want to dig into that soon.

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